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Your Complimentary Download

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To launch and help promote my new book, I'm offering a limited number of free e-book downloads.


Please feel free to download a complimentary copy to your favourite device. 

If you do read the book, please contact me at the email address below and let me know your honest comments or reviews.

And, if you enjoy the book, go ahead and share this link with a friend who you think would also enjoy the story.

Happy reading,

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Deep in the Australian Outback, two facilities operate side by side, separated by a fence.

Amanda Richardson works in a top-secret US intelligence gathering facility. Lucas Kahn works in the neighbouring Australian satellite tracking observatory.

A chance encounter through double-glazed windows, and the realisation they can communicate with Auslan sign language, develops into a complicated romance.

What they learn from each other reveals a terrifying political endgame - and people will kill to keep that a secret. 

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